Homeopathy and Nutrition


Healthcare is a very individual thing for people and for me, it has always been important for individual's to have a choice in how they want to manage their health. 

I came into Homeopathy and Nutrition back in 2005 and one of the key things that drew me to study these modalities is the individual approach to each person.

 I love that I can work in both realms of health with my experience in Mental Health, Nursing & Midwifery as well as my Complementary background, providing other alternatives and supportive options for people looking for those same options.

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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is all about gentle and holistic healing. The difference between homeopathy and other forms of treatment is that homoeopathy does not treat the disease but the person who is experiencing “dis-ease” – you.

Homeopathy respects the wisdom of the human body/mind, with the belief that the body and mind can heal themselves. When there is Dis-ease within the body/mind, homeopathy helps stimulate the body/mind back to homeostasis – back to balance.

Homeopathic consultations are in-depth and require detailed information exploring not just the physical ailments but the mental and emotional changes that occur as well. When prescribing a remedy, the choice is made on the totality of the case, in other words, the total picture presented at the consultation.




Homeopathy treatments will be significantly different to allopathic medicine as it works in quite a different way. As this is a more dynamic healing system, it is also very gentle in its work. Typically, people think that nothing has changed, however on review and going over the listed symptoms, people are surprised to find that they had not realized that some things have resolved or that the changes in symptoms have already begun. Some people, however, do experience very obvious changes where symptoms have cleared quickly. This depends on the case and whether chronic or acute disease is present.


My Practice:

Focus for my practice is specific. I work with mothers – new mums, pregnant mums, bereaved mums, mothers struggling to become mothers. My practice specifically focuses on working in the perinatal space.

In pregnancy, there are many allopathic treatments that are not recommended due to side effects for mother and/or baby or both. Homeopathy due to its nature, is safe to use and does not cause any side effects to either. Some of the common conditions that Homeopathy may assist with include:

  • Morning Sickness            

  • Constipation

  • Mastitis

  • Labour 

  • Healing post surgery/Delivery

  • After Birth Pains

  • Colic

The list goes on......... 

Fresh Produce


Mental Health Nutrition is an emerging field of nutritional study which combines psychiatry with nutrition, looking at the effects of poor nutrition on mood and cognitive function. 

The Western diet is high in processed foods and lacks a lot of nutrients that are vial for the production of neurotransmitters and management of inflammation to the brain. 

There is also emerging evidence highlighting how the microbes inside us affect our brain function. Definite links have been found between depression, anxiety and mood disorders, and imbalanced gut microbiota. 

Consultations will include doing a food diary so that I can see where we need to modify your diet and if supplementation is required to help increase your nutrients - particularly if on medication.


Feeding the brain with adequate amounts of complex carbohydrates, essential fats, amino acids, vitamins and minerals can help with supporting healthy neurotransmitter activity, protecting the brain from the effects of oxidants which negatively affect mood and mental health.

10 foods that help to promote good mental health

  1. Fruit - fresh, dried, canned, stewed

  2. Vegetables - fresh, frozen, canned

  3. Legumes

  4. Beans

  5. Extra virgin olive oil

  6. Oily fish

  7. Fermented dairy e.g. yoghurt, cheese and kefir

  8. Whole grains e.g. grainy bread, brown rice, whole grain brekkie cereals

  9. Nuts and seeds

  10. Avocado

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