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Covid, Covid, Covid............

Its everywhere, every channel you turn on, every radio station, every newspaper headline - its all about Covid.

This is an incredibly stressful time, there is a lot of fear in society in general. Its also the most isolating time we have experienced. Limited contact with family and friends through video or phone doesn't replace the value of being in person with someone. Being home with young children is going to be a huge challenge when the normal supports are no longer there and its hard to see any of the "good" things in this.

So I wanted to share with you a couple of things that my clients have found helpful in managing the stress and anxiety.

  1. Turn off the TV, Radio, stop reading the newspapers all the time. Limit the amount you are exposed to. Check in each day to see what the latest information is around restrictions that are relevant to you - then disconnect from it.


  1. Find those golden moments in the day. Find things that help you feel better whether sitting in the sun on a balcony, feeling the fresh air on your face, humming your favourite tune, find time to breathe and be present in the now.

  2. Gratitude is very powerful. Look around and find those things that you are grateful for - this helps to shift from negative thinking to more balance. If you are home with the children, try doing a family gratitude poster that you can all read and add to each day.

  3. Stay grounded. Use your 5 senses to help be present. If your feeling overwhelmed, take a minute to stop and notice your breathing. Pay attention to the air filling your lungs, feeling your chest/abdomen filling and releasing.

  4. Reach out for help - Please, if you are struggling and feeling that life is not worth this call any of the following:

  • LIfeLine 13 11 14

  • Mental Health Line 1800 011 511

  • Suicide Call Back 1300 659 467

  • Beyond Blue 1300 224 636

These are 24/7 numbers so help is available around the clock.


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