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How are you going????

Its trying times at the moment. So much uncertainty, so much anxiety and stress and so much loneliness and isolation.

These are such difficult times. We are all trying to navigate our way through something we have never experienced before.......

These are the time that we need to develop that compassion for ourselves. To know and just accept that we are doing the best we can, in a situation that is so abnormal.

If you find that your feeling overwhelmed here are some tips that you can do to help.

1. Gratitude - find something good in the day. It can be as simple as having a cuppa, sitting in sunshine, going for a walk, taking a shower and feeling the warmth of the water washing over you, anything that makes you feel good

2. Do something fun - put your favourite music on, dance around the house, exercise at home, yoga..........the list is endless.

3. Keep connected........use your phone to contact others, download apps that you can play games with others on like House Party App. Set up an adult time and invite friends to join in.

4. Write - Journal this experience. It can be very helpful to write about how you are feeling and putting it on paper. When you read it back, ask yourself "If this was my friend telling me this, what would I say to them?".

5. Keep a routine - Structure is good for us as well as our children. Keep doing as much as possible your normal routine of sleep, eat, activity.

The time will come when this will end, already we are seeing restrictions lifting. Keep that it mind, this is not forever............

Keep safe......... :-)

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