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The Loss of a Baby.....

One of the privileges I have in my work, is sitting with and being with those who have lost their babies through whatever situation. Some never make it to pregnancy, some are early miscarriages, some have complications that are just too great for this life, some babies for whatever reason dont get to be earth side here with their parents/families and some make it here but leave again for a variety of reasons.

It is one of those cruel mysteries in a lot of cases that we just dont have a reason WHY......and for the parents, its what they need to at least feel that they can try and make sense of a situation that for all intensive purposes, doesn't

make sense - this should never happen.

I say that this is a privilege to work with mothers/fathers who are experiencing grief because it is. It is a most intimate intensely painful experience for these parents and if they feel that in some way I can help them, then I'm there for them while they try to navigate their life after loss.

There is no time limit on grief

Grief is not a "mental health problem" - it is a normal life event that everyone will experience in some way. Whenever there is change in our lives, there is also an element of loss attached to that. Grief becomes more problematic when we get "stuck" in it. When we feel like we cant get out of it. Therapy can be helpful to "untangle" it and allow it to be processed in our mind.

Family and Friends can be helpful but sometimes, seeing someone outside of our circle of support, someone that you feel you can say anything to and nobody else will get upset, or someone who can sit with you and your tears and listen to you, could be the best in helping you process your loss.

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