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"This is supposed to be the best time in my life - but it feels like the worst"

Have you experienced these days when just getting out of bed seems impossible? When your feeling exhausted, lonely - even though you may have a supportive partner, when you feel that your life was meant to be so much more than just staying at home with a baby. Our fantasies and expectations of motherhood are nothing like what we have imagined in real time and ALL women approach the transition to motherhood with preconceived ideas based on their own life experiences and cultural backgrounds. These fantasies and expectations are NORMAL and actually help prepare us for motherhood and provide a successful strategy for coping with and preparing for any new experiences.

However, when there is a significant discrepancy between what was imagined and what your actually experiencing, feelings such as guilt, confusion and unhappiness can result. Unfulfilled expectations, unanticipated losses and lack of support create the potential for Postnatal Depression to develop.

Part of the goal of treating Postnatal Depression is coming to terms with the unfulfilled expectations and fantasies, understand the disappointments and losses that you feel and adapt to a new self-image and identity.

If you feel you are struggling with postnatal depression, give me a call. I'm offering a free 10 minute phone consultation just to see if we are comfortable to work together.

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