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" I don't have to take this day all at once

but rather one step, one breath and

one moment at a time "

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About me


Hi there and welcome.

My name is Lisa Paul I have spent many years caring and supporting couples as they transition into parenthood.

This combined with my never ending love of learning, took me from the wards in the hospitals into a more specialised service in mental health. I transitioned from being a Midwife to now a Perinatal Counsellor/Psychotherapist - and I love it, hence Lisa Paul Counselling/Psychotherapy.

A Note on Medicare Rebates

Please note: I do not have a medicare provider number, so you will not be able to claim on Medicare for your sessions.

However this is good news.

  • It means that we have the freedom to use whatever therapy is going to work for you - which you cannot do under Medicare.

  • It also means that you will probably end up paying around the same or even less to see me rather than a Psychologist in your gap fee.

  • It also means that your records are private and that Medicare does not have access to them. 

  • As a Counsellor/Psychotherapist, it is not my job to diagnose you with a mental health condition. This is what Psychologists and Psychiatrists will do for you if you feel that you need one. 

  • If we feel that medication may be needed to help you through some of the work, we can discuss this and I can give you some suggestions of who to get a referral for.

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